With our PinnacleSG app,

  • You will be able to virtually consult our doctors,
  • Book an appointment in our clinics
  • Get a queue number for a walk-in consult at any of our clinics.

With Pinnacle SG, you can arrange for the delivery of medication,
check previous records, and make payments.

Teleconsultation is charged at

  • $18.50 before GST (Acute illness such as Flu, Cough, Headache, Fever Etc)
  • $12 before GST (Chronic Diseases consult, Chronic Follow-ups) 

Medications can be picked up at the clinic or delivery can be arranged
at an additional charge of $8.00 before GST.

Operating hours for Teleconsultation:
Monday to Friday: 9 am – 8 pm
Saturday: 9am -12.30pm
Sunday: 9am -11.30am
PH: Off

By following these steps, you will be able to navigate through the app. 


  • Download PinnacleSG from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store:


  • Register your profile in the app via using My info by Singpass.  


  • For Virtual consultation, Select Telemedicine Icon for an online consult
    • Select your preferred clinic. Once your telemedicine request is made and accepted by the clinic, you should see the screen to the right for your queue no.
    • Please be advised that queue numbers may not be in sequence.
    • The next available doctors in our clinic will attend to you virtually.
  • To consult our doctors virtually or in our clinics for chronic conditions, Select Chronic Disease Appointment Icon.
    • You can choose the clinic near to you, which would prompt you to click on the date that you would like to book your appointment with us.
    • After choosing the date, you will be redirected to the book appointment page where you can choose your preferred timing and preferred mode of consultation. Adding on you can add any remarks pertaining to the appointment.
    • You will receive a call from us for the appointment confirmation.
  • For Walk-in consultation, Select Walk-In Queue no.
    • Select your preferred clinic and click on Queue request
    • You will be able to see your Queue number on the right side of the screen. Please make your way down to the clinic when your queue number is nearing.
    • Walk-in Queue starts 15 minutes afterclinic operating hours.
    • This service is unavailable during our clinic lunch time and closes 45 minutes before closing time.


  • Payment can be via Credit card when clicking on the Payment Icon.
  • Digital MC and lab reports can be viewed in eDocs.

You can contact us at or 98320695


  • For teleconsultation, clients of the following managed health care companies can use their entitlements to pay for tele-consultation and required medicine:
    • Fullerton Health
    • Integrated Health Plans Pte Ltd (IHP)
    • Advantage Health Benefits (AHB)
    • Make Health Connect (MHC) – for MHC direct clients only
  • Patients can use Medisave/CHAS/Merdeka/Pioneer Generation to pay for their chronic medication and teleconsultation.
  • Co-payment and delivery charges will be applied separately. Delivery charges not covered under the above mentioned