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Manage and bringing healthcare on the go with you!

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Bring convenience to you by having a tele-consult with our doctors at anywhere you are.

Book Appointment / Get Number

Reduce waiting hours by booking an appointment or getting your walk-in queue number in advance.

Chronic Disease Appointment

Book an appointment for a chronic visit effortlessly.

Delivery of Medication

Arrange for delivery of medication after tele-consultation

Medical Records

Records and check your previous medical visits history with us

Make Payment

Hassle free payment after consultation

HealthKit Intergration

Integrate with the health app (HealthKit) to read and track your health data


Tele-consultation is charged at $12.00 before GST.

Medications can be picked up at the clinic or delivery can be arranged at an additional charge(delivery fees from $10.00 before GST)

Operating Hours

Mon – Fri: 9:00am – 8:00pm
Sat: 9:00am – 12:30pm
Sun: 9:00am – 11:30am
PH: Off

What if I’m under my company insurance scheme?

Don’t worry!

Teleconsultation is now covered* for all our insurance partners!

Policy caps and co-payment still apply, delivery charges are NOT claimable.

Illustration of 3 doctors

Patients can also use:

  • CHAS card
  • Merdeka card
  • Pioneer Generation card
  • Medisave
  • *Only applicable for chronic consultation and medications.

    PinnacleSG App User Guide

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    Download the PinnacleSG app from
    Google Play Store 
    or Apple App Store

    Sign up and register

    Sign up and register your profile in the app using My info by Singpass

    How to request for teleconsultation:


    Select “Tele-Medicine”

    Select “Tele-Medicine” on the homepage

    Select preferred clinic

    Select your preferred clinic


    Select "Telemedecine Request", "Confirm", "Agree"

    Select “TELEMEDICINE REQUEST”, click “CONFIRM” and “AGREE” for the disclaimer

    Enter Video Call

    Once your telemedicine request is made and accepted by the clinic, you should see the screen below for your queue no.

    Select “Enter video call” and wait for the doctor to join the room for consultation

    Please be advised that queue numbers may not be in sequence. The next available doctors in our clinic will attend to you virtually


    Make Payment

    When you are done with your tele-consult, payment can be made via Credit card by selecting “Payment”

    Digital MC and lab reports can be viewed in eDocs

    How to book a chronic review appointment:

    *Please note that this service is strictly for chronic conditions only (e.g. hypertension, diabetes…). 


    Select “Chronic Disease Appointment”

    Select “Chronic Disease Appointment” on the homepage


    Select preferred clinic

    Select your preferred clinic


    Select preferred date

    Choose your preferred date from the calendar


    Select Timeslot and Mode of Consultation

    Select your preferred timeslot and mode of consultation. The clinic will contact you for appointment confirmation.

    How to request a queue number for same day in-person consultation:

    Please take note:

    Walk-in Queue Number starts 15 minutes after clinic opening.

    This service is unavailable during our clinic lunch time and closes 45 minutes before closing time.


    Select “Walk In Queue Number”

    Select “Walk In Queue Number” on the homepage


    Select preferred clinic

    Select your preferred clinic


    Make way to clinic

    Once the clinic has accepted the request, you will be able to see your Queue number on the right side of the screen. Please make your way down to the clinic when your queue number is nearing.